www.Myinsuranceinfo.com : Your Insurance Info Verification

Myinsuranceinfo.com is a online tool to submit your insurance information to the Credit Union that has partnered with Allied Solutions.  For example, if you have a auto loan with McCoy Federal Credit Union, you are required to have auto insurance.  During the verification process, you may receive a letter from McCoy Federal requesting a current copy of your insurance. Then you can submit your insurance information by using this My Insurance Info. It's easy and secure! And you can access the website 24 hours per day. Here's a guide to submitting your insurance information:

1. Visit www.myinsuranceinfo.com, select the option "Borrower" or "Agents" and enter the reference ID or control number and click on the button "Continue".

2. You will be asked to provide the infomation about your insurance includes name, the insured’s name, telephone number, current address, email address and loan number, the name of the insurance company, policy number, policy effective date and more.

3. Verify the collateral information on the loan.

For more details, check out the www.Myinsuranceinfo.com.

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