www.Otda.ny.gov/oah/forms.asp - Request a Fair Hearing

If you don't agree with a decision about your case made by a local social services agency, you have the right to appeal this decision. You will need to ask for a fair hearing without delay, there are time limits. Want to learn more information about Fair Hearings, please visit www.otda.ny.gov/oah/forms.asp.

At the OTDA’s website, you'll learn how to request a Fair Hearing, how to cancel a Fair Hearing, how to request an Adjournment or Reopening and more. Certainly, you can also ask for a Fair Hearing using an online request form here. How to do? Click on the link "Request a Fair Hearing" on the homepage. Then select "Online Request Form" , you will have 15 minutes to complete this form. Please fill in all the details in the form according to the requirement.

If you have a general question, follow to the link "How do I..." to the Frequently Asked Questions.

In case of further requirement, please contact the Office of Administrative Hearings by mail or phone that was located near the bottom of the homepage .

www.capitalone.com/creditlineoffer - Manage Your Credit Card Account Online

Capital One Financial Corporation is the eight-largest bank holding company in the United States,which has 963 Capital one Branches.Capital one Financial is a member of the Fortune 500, and the fourth-largest customer of the United States Postal Service. If you are a Capital one credit cardholder, visit www.capitalone.com/creditlineoffer and log in,then you can manage your credit card account anytime anywhere.

How Many Services Does Capital One Credit Line Offer?

1. Customers of Capital One Bank can request an increase of the credit line.

2. Customers can get the information of despoit account,installment loan and auto loan.

3. Canadian customers also can log in to their accounts on this website.

You can request a credit line increase online by choosing the “Request Credit Line Increase” link,or you can dial 1-800-955-7070 by phone.A several factors such as your on-time payment history,average monthly payment amount,credit bureau information,and credit score affect the increase of the credit line.There are two ways to help you to increase your credit line,the one is on-time payments and the other is making more than your minimum payment.

How to acess to your Capital one credit card account?

1. Visit www.capitalone.com/creditlineoffer on your computer.
2. Enter your user name(At least one letter,no space ,no case).
3. Enter your password(8-32letters,at least one letter and one number ,no space)
4. When you are in trouble with the user interface, you can click “Forgot user name” or “Forgot password”

For more information please acess to www.capitalone.com/creditlineoffer.

www.globalcashcard.com/activate to activate Global Cash Card

If you received a Global Cash Card Payroll Card from your employer, you will need to go to www.globalcashcard.com/activate and activate it before using it. The payroll from the company you work for will be loaded onto this Card on payday. The Global Cash Card works the same as a traditional bank debit or credit card. You can use your card anywhere VISA or MasterCard are accepted or get cash at millions of ATMs worldwide. Certainly,there are other benefits for cardholders:

1. Cost savings: No monthly, annual or activation fees, No fee for mobile acces, No fee for online bill pay and much more.

2. It's easy to check card balances, transfer funds, pay bills, find ATMs on your mobile.

3. Cardholder can join Global Cash Card's Rewards and Discounts programs.

4. Global Cash Card can automatically send text or email alerts....

To activate your Global Cash Card via the Internet, go online at www.globalcashcard.com/activate, Click the Yes button to ensure you do have a card and type in the 16 digit card number then click on Continue. The new page will ask you for your Social Security Number and then create a 4 digit Pin. Finally, click on COMPLETE SETUP. Once completed, you will be able to access your Global Cash Card account.

For employers, Global Cash Card's solutions simplify and enhance their current payroll processes. With the Global Cash Card, they can pay their employees instantly, eliminate recurring costs of traditional paper paychecks, increase security and so on.

www.4mypdr.com : Marriott Extranet Portal

The Marriott extranet is a system for Marriott associates, franchises and owners. By logging into the system ,you may be able to access the proprietary and confidential information to Marriott International Inc. The Marriott extranet portal at www.4mypdr.com.

The eligible users of this system include Canadian Marriott Associates, Canadian Franchisees, International Associates,International GRSCC Associates, International Owners, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, North American Associates, North American Franchisees,NorthAmericanOwners,TheRitz-Carlton,,Separated Employee, Vendor and more.

How to log into the Marriott extranet

1.Visit www.4mypdr.com,it is the homepage of the Marriott extranet.

2.Enter your Enterprise ID and Password at the proper place.

3.Another way to log into your account is to enter your Security Key that is associated with your EID account.

4.If you forgot your EID or your password ,please click the “Forgot your EID or password?” link to redirect to a new page, select your one option to get EID help or creat a new EID.

About Marriott

Marriott International Inc. founded by J. Willard and Alice Marriott till now nearly for 90 years with more than 4,200 properties in 79 countries and territories is a global leading diversified hospitality company.

www.upsers.com : UPSers Employee Login

If you’re an employee of United Parcel Service, Inc.,you should visit www.upsers.com website from time to time to review the relevant employee benefit program.

This website is a communication channel for drivers and their management to use the helpful information to support their business.  Only the employees of UPS can access this website. With this website employees also can manage their employee benefit program,including tuition assistance, health and wellbeing, savings and stock purchase and profit sharing for managers.

How to Use the www.Upsers.com Page

1. Visit www.upsers.com on your computer
2. Select your language and enter your User ID ,this is your employee ID that is found on your pay stub.
3. Enter in your password which was created when you registered your account
4. If you cann't login in your account, please re-enter your User ID and password and try again.

About UPS

United Parcel Service, Inc. is an America package delivery company, is known for its brown delivery trucks and uniforms established by James Casey and Claude Ryan in seattle,washington, on August 28,1907.Every day more than 15 million packages were delivered to more than 220 countties and territories around the world.

The UPS's Business:

U.S. Domestic Package is charge of the time-definite delivery of letters, documents, and packages all over the United States.

International Package is charge of shipments wholly outside the United States and shipments with either origin or distribution outside the United States.

Supply Chain & Freight is made up of UPS' forwarding,contract logistics operations, UPS Freight and other related business units.

www.Gecrb.com/amazon : Access Your Amazon.com Store Card Account

The Amazon.com Store Card is issued by GE Capital Retail Bank, a very nice card to have, it's more convenient for you to buy anything from their online store. I use this card often, because I do most of my shopping online. I have accumulated a lot of points therefore saving me a lot of money. And there are so many special deals on amazon that this card can be used for.

If you already have an Amazon.com Store Card and want to manage your account online, visit www.gecrb.com/amazon and login with your Amazon store card User ID and password. Then you can pay your payments, view your transation history and update your personal details. Available 24/7.

Are you first time user?  Click on the link "Register register your card" is displayed below the "Secure login"button. Registration is quick and easy. You will need to provide the following information: Last Four Digits of Social Security Number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Mother's Maiden Name and more.

Want to Apply for an Amazon.com Store Card? If yes, follow the following application process.

Go to http://www.amazon.com/storecard,click the "Apply Now" button.

Complete a short application, the process involves entering your email address and other personal information.

If you are approved, you can use your Amazon.com Store Card immediately.

Have questions about the Amazon.com Store Card? Call 1-866-634-8379.

www.turbotax.com/mydownload - Access Your TurboTax Downloads Online

You don't want to go outside to pay your taxes, right? You can pay your taxes at home with the TurboTax software. This software is easy to use, secure and intuitive. There is a video guide can teach you step-by-step to help get your taxes done right.

TurboTax is a very popular American income tax preparation software packages which offers a number of different versions of the software, including TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax Premier, TurboTax Home & Business,etc. Their products have been continuously ranked as the #1 tax software helping Americans keep more of their hard-earned money. Their calculations are 100% accurate.

You can purchase the TurboTax downloadable software at TurboTax.com that is the same as the CD-ROM. Once you purchase a downloadable product, you can go to www.turbotax.com/mydownload and sign in to access and download your software. You can download this software as often as you like for up to 3 years after purchase.

How to download and install?

1. Click on the blue download button.

2. Save the download somewhere on your desktop of your computer.

3. After saving the download, and you can follow the prompts to install the program.

If you run into any problems during the installation process, you can  refer to TurboTax Download FAQ.