www.Apple.com/Onetoone/Activate : One To One Online Activation

One to One allows you to quickly become a master Mac and get the most out of your new Mac. Once you join One to One membership, you will be taught the Mac basics in face-to-face training sessions and through more advanced projects to improve your skills. On your One to One web page, you can also access hundreds of tutorials and explore projects created by other members.

If you are interested in "One to One", you should visit the website www.apple.com/retail/onetoone to learn the information about One to One and activate your membership with a simple procedure.

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  1. I bought a mac with the $99 one to one service, I have a card and an activation code. I have been dicking around for twenty minutes trying to get to a spot where I can activate and proceed. No success. It seems you guys are either incompetent or hiding the ball.
    I might add: your new Mac air has many annoying features. I'd explain if I thought for a moment that tou gave a shit.