www.Myexamone.com/Results : Receive Your Lab Results Online

After your laboratory testing at Quest Diagnostics, you’ll want to get the laboratory results as soon as possible. Well, what should you do? Please visit www.myexamone.com/results to receive your lab results online today. Also, you may receive the results via your smartphone or get them from your healthcare provider or directly from Quest Diagnostics.

To get your results online, you should first go to www.myexamone.com/results and create an online account by using your examination bar code. When your results are available, the site will notify you. Then log on to the site you can receive your laboratory test results.

To get your results via your smartphone, you need to download the Gazelle app on your smartphone, and log in to your account by using your existing Quest Diagnostics username and password. Then you can request your results from the "Lab Results" menu.

If you have problem about getting your lab results please consult your insurance company or agent.

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