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Myeddebt.com is a place that provides you with accurate information and helps you resolve defaulted loans. The following are several loan types: borrower, school, guaranty agency, employer, private collection agency. Click here to enter the home page>>

Click the school link, you can get any information and activities related to defaulted federal education debt for the U.S. Department of Education. There are online tools devoted to help you submit online debt assignments. To receive the assistance to help resolve defaulted loans, you need to request a Partner PIN for the first time. This site will mail the PIN to your mailbox. Then you can establish your account, and log in with your User ID and password to use the tools.

It’s easy to use this website and manage your account. First you have to confirm that your loans are from the U.S. Department of Education (DOE). If you are not sure about the types, you can look it up at the National Student Loan Data System. After that you can choose to participate in a loan rehabilitation program based on your wages garnished. The money will be garnished from your payroll check every month as a regular payment until you pay them off in full. Your monthly payments might be more than what you got before, because of collection costs and interest added into the total amount.

But the loan rehabilitation is a wonderful option you should consider, because once you’ve completed this process, you will no longer be in default, and your default status will permanently be removed from your credit report, and your wages will not be garnished. Learn more information about it, please visit: https://www.myeddebt.com/borrower/myoptions_rehabilitate.

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