www.Golftec.com/members : GolfTEC’s Members Performance Center

Do you want to play better golf? Need professional guidance from an experienced Coach? If yes, you can depend on GolfTEC for help. GolfTEC is a very reputed and renowned golf instruction company in the United States. With it, you will get the Proven Path to Proven Results,including all five factors needed for maximum improvement and lasting results. Whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished golfer, GolfTEC is your learning and improving your golf skills good whereabouts.

GolfTEC members also can continue to learn it at home by using GolfTEC’s “Player Performance Center.” Go to www.golftec.com/members and enter GolfTEC ID and Password in this screen. Then you can relive your recent lessons, see past swing videos and practice drills, book future lessons online, manage personal profile and more. The Player Performance Center is available 24/7.

I'm a GolfTEC member and it feels good. I have learned not only a great deal about my swing, but also about how the swing works. My coach has really got me hitting the ball a lot better than before I came here. I have my original swing on video and now I laugh because that obviously things have improved.

If anyone has used the GolfTec stores for their lessons? Please give your feedback below!

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