www.Myzpay.com : Pay Your Medical Bill With Myzpay

www.Myzpay.com is powered by Zirmed, this online service is provided to make it easier for medical providers to quickly collect payments from their patients. And it's  the fastest way to pay your medical bill. To make a payment, you just need visit www.Myzpay.com and click on the button "MAKE A PAYMENT" at the upper right. Then enter the website address listed on your statement in the pop-up box. You will then be directed to your provider's payment page. Through three steps to complete the payment process: 1,Select Payment Type. 2, Payment Entry. 3, Confirm Entry.

For instance, your statement like this "...please use the following secure link for your payment. https://www.myzpay.com/dakotaradiology". You can type the full url into your browser, or  the visit myzpay.com and enter "dakotaradiology" and go to your provider's payment page. 
Advantage: Reduce bad checks and increase staff efficiency, lower processing costs and improve office productivity and more.  

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