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If you are a student of Elk Grove Unified School District and email using Outlook Web Access, you may have a problem: how to properly log into Outlook Web Access? You can refer to the following articles.

First and importantly, you have to login with your full email address and your network password. Go to www.egusd.net/exchange on your Internet Explorer browser and click “Click here to login”. Then there will be a small login window, you have to enter the user name and password.

If you login successfully, you can use your mailbox, like replying to sender or to all, forwarding message, and deleting message. When you click on "new" button, a fresh new message window will appear, and you can compose a new message. To send a new message, you are supposed to enter the addresses you wish to mail to. Both District names and Internet mail addresses would be recognized, but you have to separate these addresses with a semicolon (;).

In the main window, there is the “Address Book” icon, which will offer you the correct staff member name. So, you don’t worry about the correction of spelling, and it will check the Global Address List for you. It’s better to enter the subject of your new message. After finishing this new message, just press the “send ” button.

Besides,the “Add Attachments” icon will help you as you want to attach some documents to this message.

More introduction, visit: http://2webwatchers.wikispaces.com/file/view/OWAusingInterne+Explorer.pdf

About Elk Grove Unified School District

Elk Grove Unified School District, located in Elk Grove, is the largest in Northern California. There are nearly 61000 students in this school district.

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